Electric Motorcycle at Maker Faire


Shea Nyquist and his electric motorcycle at The Maker Faire Sunday. He is aiming at breaking the world speed record for electric m/c’s of 250 mph. See him on YouTube: shltr.net/elecmc

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  1. Mr. Sharkey says:

    With no intention of being snarky, good luck with that. The current record holder, Eva Håkansson has the assistance of her husband, Bill Dube, a long-time electric drag race enthusiast, and the backing of a major battery manufacturer.

    My understanding is that making any motorcycle (internal combustion or electric) go that fast is mostly a problem of traction, rather than horsepower/torque, aerodynamics, or other variables like chassis design or gearing, etc. Getting the 400-500 horsepower on the ground on the slick salt flats necessary to attain that velocity is a real challenge.

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