Troop of Skunks in Garden Yesterday

I was in the shop yesterday morning and Lesley called: “Lloyd, come here quick.” There were five (5) teen age skunks scurrying along like in a conga line. Baby skunks are cute!

There was no parent present, they were just scurrying back and forth, emitting chirps. Skunks just wanna have fun! Skunks are supposed to be nocturnal. Maybe these guys had snuck out from the den in the bright morning sunlight. Hey, mom’s asleep, let’s party!

By the time I grabbed my iPhone, there were just two left. The chickens were out, and there was a bit of back and forth. Garden comedy.

There’s a video of the two of them on my Instagram account:…

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  1. Anon says:

    Cute little rascals. If you should ever get cornered / stuck outside with them, I have read that as long as you talk quietly to them, they will not startle and spray you. The author said that skunks are very near sighted, and usually only spray if startled. Apparently she had a Momma and babies show up often in yard, and the quiet chat worked well.

    On another note, (and it may be my old computer/server), but I wonder if I am the only one having great trouble posting a comment? I do the verification thingy, and then it times out, then I do it again, then it tells me I took too long and my post has cancelled. Yet, everytime so far, when I checked back, my comment had actually posted…

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