New Video of Our Homestead by Kirsten Dirksen, Fair Companies

Kirsten Dirksen is a filmmaker with Fair Companies, a bi-lingual media operation that she and her husband Nicolás Boullosa run out of Barcelona. Kirsten is a former TV producer for MTV and the Travel Channel who now focusses on “…community and access to tools on sustainable culture.”

She has produced almost 600 videos, an amazing body of work when you consider that it’s the editing, not the shooting, that is so time-consuming. I don’t know how she does it.

We’ve had a bunch of people shoot film (OK, OK, video) around here and they generally take a long time to get set up, then follow a pre-conceived series of shots and questions.

Kirsten walked in the first time and within 5 minutes, was shooting. We were comfortable with her. She winged it, seeing what we were doing, following us around. On one of her visits, her two little long-haired girls explored the garden and chickens and Nicolás shot photos.

One thing I love about this video is that she recognized what Lesley is doing in her life and with her garden, her art, and her attitude towards a home. Often that gets missed in people coming here to see me.

The last part of this cracked me up.

Kirsten posted it earlier today.

Check through the other films at Fair Companies.

Photo of Kirsten by Nicolás Boullosa 

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6 Responses to New Video of Our Homestead by Kirsten Dirksen, Fair Companies

  1. Kirsten took video clips I sent and generated an nice composite about our float cabin home that has been well received online. I really appreciate all the work she did for us in getting our story out to the public. – Margy

  2. Loved the tour of your home, Lloyd! My brain is spinning with ideas for a handbuilt home. Hope we can get past codes to do it. Kirsten did a great job as always too.


  3. Saw film of old man on 400 acre in redwoods on YouTube. Just wondering who he is? I am a park ranger at Mt. Rainier & a land nurturer/author of Sacred-Earth Land-Nurturing & The Life Treatise. Currently working on book, In Life is the Purpose of the World…., so stories like this inspire me, make me want to know his story more.

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