Family makes last-ditch appeal to save Welsh ‘hobbit house’ from demolition

Dear Mr Kahn,

This house is going to be bulldozed because it “does not fit in with the surrounding Pembrokeshire countryside” which has to be the most ridiculous reason there is.

If you had the time to say a word or raise your hand in their favor it might help.  I live in the west of Ireland. I don’t know the people at all and have no interest in the matter other than that I feel their pain and if they lived somewhere else they would have gotten away with it.

Thank you for your time,

best regards,


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  1. Conor, or Someone,

    would it be possible to scout out the email address of the appeals board, so concerned folks could contact them..

    email addresses which might be helpful
    – appeals board
    -local dignitaries
    -local political members

    Conor, or someone,
    would it be possible to start up an actual on line petition, to petition for this home?

  2. I hope the planning inspector has more sense than to bow to public pressure and facebook likes on this case. It's been doing the rounds for years trying to drum up public support but the bottom line is they ignored the proper process of getting permission to build, broke the law and are now wasting tens of thousands of pounds of the tax payers' money to try and keep it. At a time when local authorities are making huge cuts to their budgets this is a massively selfish move.

  3. This is evil

    Town demolishes veteran's house while he has surgery

    I'm angry and I'm upset. It's just wrong on so many levels," he said "My mortgage was up to date, my property taxes were up to date … everything was current and fine."

    Williams had lived in the house since he was 6 months old. He said many of the items in the home had been in his family since he was a newborn or had sentimental value, like his late wife's engagement ring, photos of his six children growing up and a model train set he had since he was a child. He lost all of his clothing, a bicycle he'd just purchased, dishes, silverware and other housewares.

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