Halibut Are Biting

This is a 12 pound halibut from fisherman Andrew. The orange stuff at lower right is roe. I wanted to prepare it for eating, but it didn’t appear to be fully formed enough to use. Cooking with roe seems tricky. After filleting, we got six meals from the fish (4 vacuum sealed and in freezer).

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  1. Lloyd –

    Hard to tell consistency of roe from the picture, but you can always dry out the roe, grind it up (or mince with knife) and sprinkle over pasta. To the extent there is any flavor or brininess, it will be good, esp when combined with garlic, olive oil and a sprinkle of red pepper flacks.

  2. Phil, how to dry out? A friend who makes a roe pate says it needs to be really fresh. I saw a photo online that specified that the eggs need to be fully formed.

  3. Lloyd –

    The Italians call this Bottarga. You basically salt cure the roe. I believe that there is a fair amount of latitude with regards to how developed the roe is (within reason), the curing just takes longer if the roe is watery. If the fish is fresh enough to eat, the roe surely is the same for salting.

    Here is a link to one technique, many more out there I'm sure, Good luck!


    – PhilM

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