Fog/Afternoon Sun/Me & Victor Mature Getting Our Strength Back

After a lot of Spring and early Summer wind, the fog bank has settled in these days. Almost feels tropical of late. Went paddling last night, the lagoon was warm, over 60°. I’m back to 85% shoulder strength. After 6 months of no upper body activity, I can feel the strength coming back — such a rush.

    Funny, it puts me in mind of the epic film (1949), Samson and Delilah, where Delilah learns that the secret to Samson’s strength is his hair. She gets him drunk, cuts off his hair, and he is blinded. (Samson is played by he of the agonized grimaces, Victor Mature.)

   A few years later, he is in the temple, being tormented by his captors. They don’t notice that his hair has grown back. He is standing between the two main pillars of the temple and he starts pushing, the crowd jeering at him. Suddenly there is a crack –great sound effects — and the crowd falls silent. More cracking and the temple collapses.

   A bit dramatic, I know, but I’m elated to have some strength back…

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