Tango in Colors


“Let’s face it, OK Go have the best music videos around and their new clip for “Skyscrapers” is certainly no exception to that rule, even if it doesn’t actually feature the band themselves.

The video, which comes from their album Of The Blue Colour Of The Sky which came out two years ago, sees dancer Moti Buchboot and director Trish Sie tangoing in front of different colored buildings and their outfits mimic each scene to give the video a chameleon-like feel. Trust us, it’s more impressive than that description makes it sound.

The song is also heavily influenced by Prince both musically and in the fact that it references his classic cuts like ‘1999’ and ‘Purple Rain.’ Oh and if you have a Nintendo 3DS you can also watch the video in 3D on your device, just try to stay out of the way of the dancers.…”


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  1. Gill says:

    I dig it deep!

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