Natural Building Overview

Tue, 17 Apr 2012

“Hi Lloyd,

I’m sending you my ‘labor of love’. My new video, Natural Building Overview, has been posted to YouTube.

I hope you enjoy it and will share.

Chris” (Dancey)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent. Just plain excellent. Thank you Lloyd and Crhis for allowing this to be shared today. Very, very timely. Housing is sooo very important. How we house ourselves is very important in life.
    Blessing from rural south central sunny Arkansas, barefootin' and sipping real spring water!

  2. Anonymous says:

    PS: If ya' get a chance, this is great to book to read —
    “Overspending and perverting our global trade has managed to make the United States of America, as noted earlier in this book, a 101 percent-debtor nation. It means that we US citizens are bankrupt. Doing away with billions of dollars in subsidy programs could get us back on track to prosperity.” (pg. 176) “ We are being served fake food in America: plumped-up chickens, fattened hogs and cattle, and produce treated with pesticides and fertilizers that aren’t products of Mother Nature. Pile that on top of our man-made junk food and soft drinks. The great majority of food produced in the United States comes from factory farms that artificially enhance agricultural products. A majority of subsidies gores to factory farms.” (pg. 178) “Without your health, life isn’t worth living, my mother would often tell me. We as a nation might be able to survive a recession or a depression, but without our health, none of that matters. It’s time we connected the dots—and this is happening to an extent with the work of Michael Pollan, Jamie Oliver, and Alice Waters among others—between what we pay for and what we eat. The ingredients of our lives are important (as well as the proper kind of housing, I might add, ex. small/tiny homes). Yet education is lacking.” (pg. 264) “Considering that about half of all American households own stock, shares are in effect voting power to the corporate world. This can make us effect voting power to the corporate world. This can make us individuals known in the boardrooms of Big Ag, Big Energy, and Big Steel, too. Take the nuns. A group of New Jersey nuns, the Sisters of Charity of St. Elizabeth has lobbied Citibank to better disclose itself. Another group of nuns, the Sisters of Mercy, asked Lockheed Martin to detail how much money it spends developing space weapons. As You Sow, lobbied Coca-Cola at a shareholder meeting to stop using potentially cancer-causing BPA plastics in its cans. The same can be done to create a healthier food supply, safer energy policies, and fairer trade agreements. If a small nonprofit group and some nuns can badger corporate America to change policies, imagine what a force it would be if all of us joined in. “ (pg.xiii) “Change begins with knowledge and awareness. Change can be accomplished by you and me, average Americas, if we step forward and stand up for ourselves. We can effect change. There are many ways to do it. The most effective ways don’t even cost anything. “ The Big Handout: How Government Subsidies and Corporate Welfare Corrupt the World We Live In and Wreak Havoc on Our Food Bills Thomas M. Kostigen (Author)

    Blessing from rural south central sunny Arkansas, barefootin' and sipping real spring water!

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