Tue, 6 Mar 2012  Hi Lloyd, hope all is well,

Came across Alistair Humphreys today, who has spent the year trying to get folk out on mini adventures. Local overnights and expeditions close to home.

   I like getting out canoeing in the backwaters. The little rivers streams and storm drains that take us to hidden England. The places that no one ever gets to see.

   We get out and bivvy occasionally, or swim in the rivers: any little adventure that helps us feel ALIVE!

   Anyway check his site out if you get a chance.




(Richard Ieian Jones)

Here’s an overnight adventure:

Also to consider: mini microadventures. Like yesterday around 6 PM I took off with my skate board and my Big Kahuna paddle (like a canoe paddle, except with a rubber stopper at one end instead of a paddle) and skated around for about 15 minutes before dinner. Sometimes just a 5-10-15 minute bit of activity, and you always feel better. Ya

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