Cowells Is Rolling

Shot this with my Canon Powershot S-95 from the pier yesterday. Not bad for such a small camera at such a distance (maybe 2-300 yards). Cowell’s has got to be the best place to learn to surf in NorCal. Forgiving waves. No slash-and -burn hotshots. And right around the corner from the mighty Steamer Lane. I stayed at a great near-the-beach motel, the Edgewater Beach on 2nd Street. It’s across the street from the pier, up on a kind of knoll, and you can actually see the surfers at Cowells from the parking lot.

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  1. Shoulda brought the mat!

  2. kara rane says:

    LLoyd.. if you are going to be in SC for awhile please consider renting a room from my good friend via AirBNB.. your choice of a cob room (gorgeous*!) or a tree~house (fun).. her site —> very close to the beach you are at, affordable and Claudine is just lovely~

  3. Penny St, Claire says:

    Thanks for the memories. I't time for a trip down to Santa Cruz. I'm happy that Sal made it to Santa Cruz! I grew up near there swimming and learning to catch waves on 1/2 size inflated air mattresses every summer in the 50's. So many memories… finally being tall enough to ride "THE ROLLER COASTER," the indoor saltwater plunge, the long wooden slides, a turntable that kids would sit on so we could be thrown out across the floor as it began to spin faster and faster.

  4. Lloyd Kahn says:

    Celt, Thanks — Got it mixed up with my Lumix G-1.

  5. Celt says:

    I have an older Canon Rebel SLR (about seven years old now, one of the first 10 megapixel range) and I am thinking about getting a LOT more mobile. What would you recommend? (sorry, I don't want to spend forever doing the research cause I tend to be OCD like that)

  6. Lloyd Kahn says:

    1-Canon Powershot S100 (or S95)
    2. Fujifilm X10

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