Young Hawk on Chicken Coop Yesterday

Luckily our coop is buttoned up tight with aviary wire. With our previous funky coop, we lost 5 hens to one of these beauties. Is that a scary eye or what? I believe this is a young Sharp-shinned Hawk, what with the yellow legs. There’s something noble looking about raptors.

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6 Responses to Young Hawk on Chicken Coop Yesterday

  1. You are so lucky…you get to keep your hens AND see this beauty. (Well maybe there was a bit of good planning and work along with the luck…nice coop!)
    BTW got your new book the other day. It's just what I need to help the downsizing process I see in my future. Thanks to you (and Lesley.)

  2. Nice shot Lloyd. The blackish cap on the bird and the seeming lack of reddish shoulder patches makes me think this is a Cooper's Hawk – probably why it's near the chickens.

  3. We just lost a beautiful hen in her prime of laying to a similar hawk. We were letting our hens free-range in the backyard, and with no leaf canopy for them, the hawk came and did what hungry hawks do…Now our bird don't get out as much, and only for short periods when we're here.

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