Giant berm protects single family home from flooding Mississippi River

“This levee protects a home surrounded by floodwater from the Yazoo River on May 18, 2011 near Vicksburg, Mississippi. The flooded Mississippi River is forcing the Yazoo River to top its banks where the two meet near Vicksburg — causing towns and farms upstream on the Yazoo to flood.”

                                                                                             –Scott Olson/Getty Images

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  1. I checked the link to the full gallery, and some photos here could be spread out to raise awareness. Knowing they live along the river, it’s the responsibility of the residents to plan and make necessary preventive and corrective action. The photo above is one clear example of how. It does take a lot of initiative to carry this out, though.

  2. An innovative idea like this should influence other communities (even those without nearside rivers) as well. It's a good way to prepare for things like this. I'm somehow fascinated by the photo gallery you shared through a link here… Phoebe is right, since it would really create awareness. But the photos can also become an inspiration. I was actually inspired by the photos showing how people helped each other after the flood.

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