Awesome Tsunami footage

My brother Bob, just forwarded me this:

From: “Russell Schweickart”

Date: March 28, 2011 2:47:37 AM PDT

This is the most complete… and amazing view of the tsunami I’ve seen. And right at the very end is the first, and only shot I’ve seen of the water receding. I think the reason that we haven’t seen the normal tsunami sequence.. ebb, flood, ebb, flood, etc. is that the seawall along the Japanese coast… something like 3-5 meters high… eliminated it. I.e., once the water got over the seawall (since it was 7-10 meters high), it stayed there… the seawall blocking it from receding back out to sea. What an irony!

Aerial video of the wave that hit Japan.

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  1. It is incredible to watch as the wave just keeps going and going and going. And the incoming wave is only half the problem — a friend of a friend was trapped in his flooded home during hurricane Ivan — he said that when the water began to recede, he had to hold on for dear life to keep from being sucked out with all the retreating water.

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