Great Blue Heron lets me get close

On my way to the beach around 5:30 PM yesterday, I spotted a blue heron in the creek, Funny, because these are the spookiest birds in the area, and this one wasn’t bothered by my proximity. I kept inching forward, shooting pics, until I was about 25 ft. away. He stayed there, aware of my presence for sure, but not concerned. Finally I walked past his part of the creek and went around a bend. I heard this fluttering, and he had flown over my head and descended into the creek right in front of me. It was a thrill, this elegant creature swooping so close. (Look at those delicate white plume feathers, nature’s decoration.)

This is the same general area where I talked to an owl one dark night a few years ago — no kidding, owl and me had a conversation — and Ron and I spotted a young mountain lion another time. It’s where a creek comes down from the mountain into an estero and ultimately the sandy beach. Maybe there are spots on this earth where the elements, including planetary vibes, come together in harmony and animals allow us a closer look.

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