Crabs and eggs

It looks like the best crab season in 3 years. By virtue of loaning my crab pot to Boone and Billy, I’ve been getting fresh crabs a few times a week. A typical San Francisco meal is cracked crab, sourdough garlic bread, salad, red wine or beer.

The Dungeness crab is a marvel of nature. They’re out there crawling all over the bay and ocean bottom, scavenging. The meat is sweet, high in protein and minerals. A local resource that hasn’t been killed off, hallelujah!

Josh, local fisherman, told me a while ago, “The ocean (here) is healthy!”

Commercial crab season opened today.

Below are 6 pullet eggs (bantam Auracanas and Silver Seabrights) for an omelete. I love these little eggs. I think bantams are probably more efficient (feed/output ratio) than full-size birds. Also, bantams make a lot more sense in urban, suburban, or near-neighbors’ locales.

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