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Intense One-Minute Workout in Office


New York Times health columnist Gretchen Reynolds has had several articles lately (in the Science section) about the value of short-term intense workouts.

I’m doing this on a Versa Climber, but you can achieve the same thing by going fast up stairs, using a stationary bike or via other modalities.

You can get your heart rate up and blood circulating in a minute.

Also check out the new version of Stretching by Bob Anderson, which has stretches and tips for smartphone users to combat bad posture. Hold that phone up in front of you instead of bending down to look at it! Duh!

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Camper Shell in San Francisco

Camper Shell in San FranciscoWell, um…

Undoubtedly faux (polyurethane) brick siding. They do look pretty real, but if they were, the springs would be crushed and tires blown out. Liberal application of polyurethane foam to seal cracks.

Average rent for apartments in SF dropped almost $1,000 in the last year, but still they’re about $3100 per month.

From Carter Kimball

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“Crackerjack Half-Milers”

“Crackerjack Half-Milers”

My long-time friend, Bob McGrouther and me at one of our high school reunions (Lowell, San Francisco, class of 1952). We both ran the half mile, Bob in 2:03, me, 2:06, and were referred to in the SF Chronicle as “Lowell’s crackerjack half-milers,” which we still allude to. One day our track coach was watching us train and he said that Bob, 6′4″, took 2 steps to my 3.

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